We Are The Fellowship Center, Inc. uses a 7-fold approach in ministry to develop God's people through the communication of the gospel, discipleship, evangelism, fellowship, service and true worship. We endeavor to win souls for Christ...make disciples...as we serve God and respond to the needs of His people. We strive to demonstrate Christ's love and to live for God intentionally as we walk with Him and teach others to do the same.

Colossians 1:16 “For everything – absolutely everything – above and below, visible and invisible everything got started in Him and finds its purpose in Him.”

Purpose 1: Assistant to the Pastor for Administration – Pastor Renee Turner
Audio/VideoRajah Ball
Communications/Media/WebPastor Renee Turner
ConnectPastor Renee Turner
Purpose 2: Assistant to the Pastor for Discipleship – Pastor Terry White, Sr.
Get in the End Zone: ENGAGETeaching Staff
Get in the End Zone: EXPANDTeaching Staff
Get in the End Zone: EQUIPTeaching Staff
Get in the End Zone: EXODUSTeaching Staff
GITEZ Advanced: MasterLifeTeaching Staff
Purpose 3: Assistant to the Pastor for Evangelism – Pastor Evette Clarke
Light House Ministry of ReconciliationDoris White
Village Family LifePastor Christina Brown
Words From Wise WomenMinister Lisa Grimes
Purpose 4: Assistant to the Pastor for Fellowship – Pastor Sidney Zollicoffer (Pastor BOL Mission, NC)
Women’s MinistrySis. Jacqueline Carter
Men’s MinistryPastor Terry White, Sr.
Marriage MinistryPastor Terry White, Sr.
Hospitality/Catering Doris White
Purpose 5: Service and HC STARS – Pastor Terry L. White, Sr. Pastor
Executive Administrative Assistant Pastor Renee Turner
Trustees Appointed by Office
Operations Team Karen Walfall
Minister of Finance Lloyd Parker
CountersPastor Christina Brown
Deacons Deacon Inga Robinson
TFC LifeSavers CPR, AED, First Aid Initiative Pastor Terry White, Sr.
HC STARS Pastor Terry White, Sr.
Special Assistant to Sr. Pastor for Music Ministry/Arts Minister Phillip Carter
Purpose 6: Assistant to the Pastor for Worship – Pastor Angel Williams
Altar Ministry Doris White
Prayer Ministry Pastor Angel Williams
Arts Ministry LaVada Harmon
UshersDoris White
Music Ministry Administrator Minister Doviea Harper
Purpose 7: Assistant to the Pastor for Children, Teens and Young Adults (CTYA) – Pastor Christina Brown
Children’s Ministry - Ages 5-8Minister Lisa Grimes
Pre-Teen Ministry - Ages 9-12Minister Doviea Harper
Teen Ministry - Females - Ages 13-17Pastor Christina Brown
Teen Ministry - Males - Ages 13-17Pastor Terry White, Sr.
Young Adult Ministry - Ages 18-29Naja Clarke and Kortni Tobias


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